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Guiding you to the best car park solution

Provide your customers with a positive and engaging car park experience and they will return – again and again.

Our car park solutions offer our clients the innovation, creativity, flexibility and commitment required to provide a parking experience that delivers added-value for customers. This translates into more business for your tenants and an improved financial yield on your investment.
The earlier we are involved in your development and planning, the greater the impact we will have on the car park’s efficiency and the more your development, tenants and customers will benefit.
How our expertise can improve your site’s revenue and asset potential

Our suite of specialist car parking consultancy services draw on our experience and expertise to deliver superior customer service and practical improvements across a car park operation.

Our understanding and knowledge of new and emerging technology, enables us to plan effectively for future growth.
How we can Help
Traffic Impact, Public Demand Analysis

Using Industry data and site-specific research, we assess the local traffic impact and parking demand requirements for the local area and car park.

You benefit from a more streamlined operation that is fit for purpose now and in the future.
Feasibility and Revenue Modelling
Our advanced modelling service projects the capital expenditure, monthly operating costs and revenue to calculate the return on investment and the feasibility of a project.

You benefit by minimising your investment risk.

Parking Strategy and Design Review
A comprehensive parking strategy identifies the planning principles, strategic intent and primary issues considered when designing the car park. The design review addresses operational and functionality issues to ensure that the car park is safe and convenient.

You benefit from a car park design that has been planned and assessed, resulting in rapid and seamless implementation on site.

Parking Management System Design
Our experts assess the latest innovations in parking technology and equipment to offer access control, parking, security, and financial management solutions that best suit your business.
You benefit from our expert knowledge of technology that underpins the ‘best-fit’ parking solution we develop for your business.
Signage and Way Finding Strategy

The signage and way finding system efficiently and safely directs drivers through the access control system to vacant bays. Way finding signs will direct pedestrians to their destinations and then back to their vehicle and out of the car park.

You benefit from increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient flow traffic flow in and out of the car park.
Environmental Management
TIMES24 offers a range of strategies that minimise the environmental impact of a car park.
You benefit by upholding your commitment to corporate responsibility and the longterm integration of sustainability practices.