Deepening customer satisfaction through operational excellence


With over 35 years of experience in car park management and operations, we have learned to use flexibility and technology to improve efficiency. By combining localised and standard operating procedures, we develop a customized operational solution for each site, addressing its unique features and requirements.


Operational Solutions

Our operational solutions cover every kind of car park, large or small – whether they are connected to stadiums, airports, shopping centres, commercial towers, hospitals and retail EPS car parks, pay-and-display or patrolled car parks.


Retail Car Parks

Unauthorised parkers can affect the revenue of businesses within a shopping centre or industrial park as legitimate customers unable to find a parking bay, take their custom elsewhere. TIMES24 offers tailored parking solutions that ensure parking is always available for customers.


Pay & Display

A Pay & Display car park offers a cost effective solution for a paid-parking operation. With the right balance of equipment, signage and enforcement, TIMES24 will ensure an effective turnover of bays.


Patrolled Car Parks

TIMES24 uses mobile LPR technology or ERP based solution to maximise the efficiency of the patrolling and enforcing of a car park’s terms and conditions.

SecureFlow License Plate Recognition

SecureFlow takes away the need for traditional boom gates and customers queuing at auto pay stations. SecureFlow cameras read and timestamp the license plate of a car at entry and exit of the car park and payment is processed via the customer’s nominated card automatically.


Maximising efficiencies and service

Operational Excellence is our system of regularly reviewing, examining, auditing and bench marking our processes and procedures. Our operational agility enables us to take immediate action to correct, enhance or improve, when required.


Workplace Health and Safety

All TIMES24 staff are trained in our WH&S Policy and empowered with the opportunity to contribute to our WH&S Committee and WH&S toolbox feedback sessions. Car Parks are monitored daily and risk assessments undertaken on a regular basis.


Staff who have a passion for parking

We employ the right people for the right role and then train them to provide customers and clients with a positive experience by delivering the highest level of service – with passion. Ongoing mystery shopping and customer survey programs help us to continuously monitor service standards.