Create A Unique Car Park Experience That Will Keep Your Customers Keep Coming Back


A car park is often the customers’ first impression of the organisation they are visiting as it is the first and last point of contact. A property that provides a good parking experience will command customer loyalty which will result in repeat visits.


As the World’s most innovative car park solutions provider, TIMES24 has the vision, experience, expertise and flexibility to assist you to maximise the value and potential of your car park asset.




Our System4Success is an adaptable formula that draws on individual business units to form a flexible, customised and uniquely effective solution for each individual car park. The results are remarkable and immediate.


Car park users are happier, revenue increases, costs are reduced and the value of your asset grows and strengthens.



Car Parking For The Future


From the outset, TIMES24 took the Car Parking Industry by storm with its visionary approach. In 1979, when the company was founded, car parks were regarded as a commodity with little differentiation between them. TIMES24 recognised that each car park is a retail business with its own identity, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.  Applying the System4Success enabled the company to respond with a bespoke solution for each site that could be crafted to maximise the potential of the property.


Innovation underpins every aspect of TIMES24, ensuring that we select the best of new and emerging technologies and trends and applying them in a way that best serves the ever-changing needs of consumers and property owners. It’s our visionary approach that has secured our position as one of the most successful car park operators in the World.


An Established World Leader In Car Park Management And Innovation – And Still Growing


As one of the leading car park operator in the world, we are managing car parks in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Lebanon and the UAE, TIMES24 is maximising the performance of car parks and changing the way people think about parking – all over the World.


  • Over 1,500 car parks worldwide.
  • International Operator with more than 35 years of experience
  • More than 1 million parking spaces.
  • Major city locations include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, London, Abu Dhabi, Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Mumbai, New Delhi and still growing.
  • Operator of car parks in major airports, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and medical centres, office towers, shop-estates, industrial complexes and sporting stadiums.
  • TIMES24 is the largest tenant with some of the largest property groups in the World.
  • Employs over 15,000 employees.